Reach Your Carbon Emission Goals With Top-Rated Heating Contractors Near Me

If you’ve been looking for a way to lower your carbon footprint and cut your energy costs, you are definitely not alone. Countless homeowners throughout Glendale Heights are increasingly looking for more efficient appliances and amenities for their homes. Working with the top-rated heating contractors near me is a great way to meet your carbon emissions goals. At Aria Climate, we want locals to know more about the high-efficiency heaters we have to offer.

High efficiency heaters have the best AFUE ratings of all heater types. Whether you choose a boiler or furnace, you’ll get a system that’s capable of using as much as 95 percent of the fuel it consumes to generate heat or more. This means that you’ll have less fuel wasted and be dispelled from the venting system or flue as greenhouse gases.

These heaters have two heat exchangers. When heat loss occurs, they redirect the lost fuel and cycle it back through the system again. This results in way less spending on energy and a lower carbon footprint for everyone in the home. Given that heating accounts for 50 percent of the average household’s energy costs, these upgrades are well worth investing in.

They also have electric ignition systems rather than pilots. These are much easier to use and far safer. Unlike pilot lights, they don’t get blown out by drafty basements, and they don’t require you to tamper with gas to get them relit. If you’re interested in upgrading to a system with higher efficiency, HVAC contractors in Glendale Heights IL can tell you about the different rebates, tax savings, and other opportunities that are currently available.

If you’re perfectly happy with the heater you have right now, you can still increase its efficiency with our heating system repair service. Regular maintenance and timely repairs allows forced air heating systems to deliver warm air to every area of the living environment uniformly and without extra effort. Not only does general upkeep improve heater performance, but it can also greatly increase the lifespan of the home heating equipment that you currently own.

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