How To Know When You Need Air Conditioner Service In Addison IL

Your cooling system does quite a bit to keep your home both comfortable and habitable when the outside temperature rises. Not only does this equipment cool your indoor air, but it also extracts airborne particulates like dust, dirt, dander and pollen. Perhaps just as important is its ability to regulate humidity. Without it, your home would be oppressive, muggy, and downright unbearable throughout much of the hot season. To help you catch and correct minor AC issues before these have the chance to spiral out of control, Aria Climate is sharing several ways to know that you need air conditioner service in Addison IL.

Be wary of loud banging and clanging sounds coming from your outside condenser unit when your air conditioner is on. These may be an indication that the compressor is having problems. The AC compressor is essentially the heart of your cooling equipment. This component compresses or pressurizes refrigerant so that it flows through the system. If the compressor goes out, your air conditioner won’t work at all. When compressor problems are suspected, call your HVAC contractor right away.

You may find that the temperature in your Addison home doesn’t change much even though your air is on. If your air conditioner is blowing out warm air, you should schedule AC repair service. This may be a sign of a blockage or it could mean that your air conditioner is freezing over. Dealing with the problem right away could prevent the need for an AC replacement contractor.

If your air conditioner keeps tripping the circuit, this is a sign of electrical problems. It’s best to have your system inspected. Small power surges can cause progressive damages to this equipment. Lightning strikes, major power outages, and other issues can cause immediate damage that sometimes takes weeks to rear its heads.

One of the best ways to troubleshoot any air conditioner that you’re experiencing is by checking and changing its filter. When AC air filters become blocked, airflow is impeded. This causes air conditioners to overheat and may even cause them to fail long before their time. For problems that cannot be resolved by clearing up airflow issues on your own, call in a licensed professional.

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