How Often Do You Need Air Conditioning Service In Hanover Park IL

For quite some time, Aria Climate has been helping residents of the greater Hanover Park IL area keep their HVAC systems in top working order. We know that during the summer months, not having this equipment can expose consumers to many dangerous, heat-related health issues. To ensure that locals stay on top of cooling system maintenance, we’re sharing a timeline for essential air conditioning service in Hanover Park IL.

Air conditioners should be professionally maintained at least once each year. To ensure reliable performance, we recommend scheduling these services just before the very start of the hot season. Having a tune-up performed before subjecting your AC system to continuous demand will limit the need for emergency AC repair service during the summer. When tune-ups are performed, AC technicians look for leaks, worn components, and other issues that might cause problems. They replaced parts as needed and make sure that everything is lubricated, calibrated, and ready for what lies ahead.

The ductwork that supports your central air conditioner needs to be serviced as well. This is important for maintaining an acceptably high indoor air quality. It also ensure that there’s adequate airflow so that your AC equipment doesn’t overheat. If you have dirt-covered HVAC air vents throughout your home, it’s likely that your ductwork looks much the same. Duct cleaning services should be scheduled about once every three to four years.

AC filter changes are something that homeowners can handle on their own. For some households, these can be done just once every three months. However, if you use your air conditioner all day, every day, then you probably want to take care of this maintenance task monthly instead. If you’ve got pets or if there’s someone in your home who smokes indoors, your should change out your HVAC air filter every three days.

Most modern air conditioners are rated to last between 15 and 20 years. However, they also lose about half of their efficiency after a single decade of service. If you want to keep your carbon footprint low, consider hiring an AC replacement contractor after the 12-year mark. If you need help keeping your home’s cooling system in good working order, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with Aria Climate today!

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